Seattle, Washington 2013

Seattle, Washington 2013

As I attempt to write about my two week stay in Seattle, I realize it can’t be adequately done because God moved again, again and again.  Here’s a very condensed summary;

Upon arrival I was welcomed by Brothers Bob and Manfred of Crossroads Bible Church and provided a secluded, secure and beautiful place to park.

While at my last stop in Tacoma, I discovered that the Brethren I had met in Los Angeles with the sign ministry were in Seattle and would be there through my two week stay.  It was so good to be with them again and during the first week we went down by the Shoreline, to Century Link Stadium prior to a soccer game and to Safeco Field for MLB Mariners games Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

 What a time we had lifting up the Word by signs and preaching aloud.  That’s just part of week #1

Holy Bible Sign Crew at Mariners Game August 2013

Holy Bible Sign Crew at Mariners Game August 2013

Then week #2, God sent street preachers Ronnie and Tatsuo from LA to herald the glorious gospel.  Each morning began with intense prayer and waiting on the Holy Spirit.  Throughout the week God’s favor was undeniably upon us as the gospel was heralded time and again.  Throughout Seattle and in the surrounding cities of Bellevue, Mercer Island, Lynwood, Redmond, Federal Way as far as Tacoma.  Downtown, in Parks, along the Shoreline, in Malls, at Farmers Markets, Neighborhoods, Apartment complexes, Planned Parenthood, before the NFL game, Seattle Hemp-fest, Costco, street after street and block after block on foot and then from the vehicle.  Yes, as I drove the Gospel call went out as Ron and Tatsuo used amplification calling Seattle and the other cities to repentance, warning of God’s judgment upon America for their idolatry and pleading for souls to repent and to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ for the remission of sin.  It was incredible seeing people stop in their tracks, some coming out of office buildings and others listening from their balconies four and five stories high. 

  The preaching went on as much as six continuous hours and we were not aware of the time.  The hostility towards the message of the Cross took on differing forms: Verbal- blasphemy, mockery and threats.   Vandalism- two signs were destroyed; the wooden cross broken, truck was egged and pelted with BBs or airsoft.  Physical- bodily contact, spat on, and struck.  Bottles were hurled and there were numerous attempts to destroy microphones and PA systems.

Here’s the video link of Ronnie preaching at Tacoma’s Farmers Market:

  Earlier I wrote “Throughout the week God’s favor was undeniably upon us…” and after reading the above one may think not.  But God did indeed provide our every need and more: A secluded and safe place for me to park. Ron and Tatsuo bought mats to sleep on outside and a little food, but God provided Christian homes, food, and fellowship.

God granted great favor with law enforcement each day.  God’s hand protected us from harsh physical harm and high cost damage to equipment.  

  The trials, sufferings, mockery and damages incurred were as nothing when compared to the honor God granted us.  That is, every day to herald the Gospel and be spent on Christ behalf.  Literally multiplied hundreds and thousands were called to repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.     

  Brethren only God knows but it may just be that Seattle, Washington and area has never heard such an urgent call to repentance and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. 

  I’m so grateful for all the dear brethren who prayed, encouraged, provided and labored in the work of the gospel.  Thanks, Holy Bible Sign team, Street Evangelists Ronnie and Tatsuo, Crossroads Bible Church and all the unnamed who diligently labored in the gospel.  All of you dear Saints are a Joy to me even now as I continue The Journey 50 States One True Story Jesus!

Seattle Hemp Fest 2013

Preaching outside of Planned Parenthood Tacoma, WA

Once again God has provided everything I had need of and having been encouraged I am confident as I move on in answering His Call.   Your prayers, support and encouragement are highly regarded.

 Please consider helping us financially as Brothers Ronnie and Tatsuo will come alongside of me to preach the gospel.  That is, as God provides through you and others who have a passion in fulfilling The Great Commission.

Until next week, God willing I hope to write to you again.

Agape, David

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