His Call 888 Introduction

Wow! The journey to encourage the brethren and go into the community to demonstrate and share “ JESUS” has begun!! I hope to go to the 50 States sharing the gospel of JESUS Christ and encourage the brethren.
In preparation to leave my home state of Virginia I was met with many challenges some of which may have in the past been considered as a confirmation that it was not GOD’S will for me to go. Except for the fact that GOD spoke to me by way of, ”HIS HOLY SPIRIT” eight weeks ago last Saturday. HE said, “prepare to go to the 50 States with One True Story; JESUS.”

Again the challenge’s where many ranging from small to major. I would like to make mention a few of many people that have helped me along the way by prayer, encouragement and sacrificial giving of there time, talents and resources:

Wilber Banton has been a life long role model of a loving father.

Judy Banton my step mother of more than 32 years has been a blessing to me and many others.

Edith Banton my mother set a firm and narrow course for me that has and continues to serve me well.

Richard Banton my brother has proved to be as loyal to me as our daddy has been to us both.

Colonial Heights Baptist Church of Virginia; all the staff from the parking attendants to Pastor Randy Hahn have so well served in demonstration the Love of JESUS!

All the members of the local body of Christ from my youth till this day that have helped me to grow on the narrow way!

Rick owner of Vital Signs of Chester, Virginia. Rick put my visions into practical applications by way of the Graphics on my, ” JESUS Truck” as Rick coined it, the Graphics on the cross and the cards that I hope to give to tens of thousands of people along the way of this journey.

Lee Goodwin my brother in Christ, while looking at the just completed truck graphics said to me, “David I see a cross on the back of your truck”. About three weeks later I said to Lee, “come I have something that I want you to see”. He saw the cross mounted in the back of my truck and tears began to flow. Because of Lee’s boldness to speak there is the One of a kind cross that has so taken many already with GOD only knows how many more to come!!!

Frank and Linda Gruden of Chester, Virginia who opened there home to me and came at my call to help whatever the need was.

These are but a few!

Agape, david

7 thoughts on “His Call 888 Introduction

  1. Seen your truck it made my face and heart smile you just don’t see things like that in Cleveland and lord knows we need to. The ironic thing about seeing your truck when i did we were traveling up the street my little church in the woods (where i taught Sunday school use to be well the church is still there but is now for sale i was also married there) I felt as if the lord was letting me know he’s still here THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE SMILES i usually frown when i see the for sale sign by my old church.My only regret was when i seen you park at Parma baptist i didn’t stop and say hi. My father and his family are from Norton,Virginia and the fact i seen the VA plates made me feel proud to see another proud christian southerner.THANK YOU MAY GOD BLESS AND GUIDE YOU ON YOUR JOURNEY.

  2. My husband and I got behind you in a parking lot while we were having our “date night” in Huntsville, AL. We actually live in Scottsboro, which is about an hour drive from Huntsville. We curiously made note of the website on your truck and logged on as soon as we got home. What you are doing is awesome and inspiring. We’ll be praying for you on your journey and will be keeping tabs on this website. God-speed and God Bless!

  3. Brother Thank You from the Bottom of my Heart for what you are doing!

    I am the Pizza guy that was honking at you on Bardstown Rd tonight in Louisville Ky.
    You made my heart smile and my Spirit flow!
    I would Love to meet you in person ifyou are going to be in Town!
    Thanks for All you are doing for the Kings Domain!
    If you are still around! :)

  4. seen you in Daytona Beach Florida yesterday Feb 19,2014. God bless you if ever in daytona again would love to meet with you. praise God.

  5. Hello! We saw you in Charlotte today. May God bless you! We think what you are doing is wonderful! We will pray for your safety and your ability to reach people and spread the Good News! Glory to GOD FOREVER! Thank you!

  6. Hello Edward, I will be in Daytona today Saturday 11-29-14 preaching on the street corner of Bill France Blvd and Daytona Blvd about 3:30 to 5:00pm or so. Come out if you can. David

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