Financial Support 2013


  Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I hope that in some measure you know how God delivered me from the chains of this world and given me, “one dominant passion”.  That is, God has set before me the beginnings of Joy in the infinite glories of Jesus Christ, so I may boast in Him till He returns or He calls me home.  God knows to what extent I offer myself, all other things and this counted not a burden to me, but rather as nourishment to my spirit, which rejoices greatly in HIM.  By the sovereign work of God, I know Godly contentment as great gain.

Boasting in Jesus Christ ~ The Greatest and Most Noble Cause of All!

Not I but God purposes that apart from such cause men dare not even to the slightest degree make a comparison!  That is to compare the sum total of all the great works in history that mankind boast in!  That all are as absolutely nothing and cannot be seen as compared to God’s work!  All things that are, He has made for His pleasure to bring Glory to Himself!   To this Cause we may serve!

With this said, I humbly appeal to you, brethren.   Many times I’m hindered in the fullness of what may be done with regard to impacting others for the cause of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Some hindrances’ are due to my weaknesses, others by spiritual opposition and some are financial.  I ask for your help, believing that in us being in one accord all three of the above hindrances’ will be greatly diminished.

These things I believe will serve well in strengthening my witness and most assuredly impact many for Jesus Christ bringing Glory to God’s Cause.

  1. Ref; My weaknesses, *Pray that with each passing day I would decrease all the more and be conformed more like unto my Lord Jesus Christ!  *Encouragement via Text messages (most expedient) Email or Voice mail something like~ God just put this verse on my heart for you. ~Just prayed for you. ~ On the Website; you may read my weekly postings and leave a comment.
  2. Ref; Spiritual opposition, *Prayer everyday that God would fill me afresh with His Holy Spirit, that without regard to circumstances, I may declare only His truth in love and with surety ~ what is the mystery of God reconciling sinners to Himself through Jesus Christ alone.
  3. Ref: Financially, *Pray that God would give me wisdom to invest so as to earn the greatest return possible on what is given. That as I give account to our Lord, His pleasure may be such as to greatly abound to each of you that sacrificially give that I may go.

When I was traveling last year I averaged more than $240.00 per week for gas.  So I
really would appreciate if you are able to partner with me financially and or prayerfully.  I am glad to provide complete financial accounting for the past two years so you may know how I spend what God has entrusted to me.

As you may see from the list above how highly I esteem the fervent prayers of each  and every one of you.  It would be shameful to me not to write how I very much desire to know what I may pray for on your behalf.  As much as it is given to me by God, I’m here for you.        


Monthly personal income:                             $1,767.00

Recurring Outside Monthly Support                 $100.00

                                              INCOME TOTAL:            $1,867.00 per month


2008 Dodge Ram                     496.00

Auto Insurance                         224.00

Cell / Mobil Internet /Website   130.00

Gas                                          1, 000.00
                                       Recurring Expenses:             $1,850.00 per month

Does not include things like:  Ministry supplies (Bibles, tracts, gifts, props, parking and event fees etc.)

Auto maintenance: (Oil changes, tires, repairs, tolls, parking etc.)

Personal needs:  (food, hygiene items, healthcare and prescription co pays, dental, laundry, clothing etc).

Thrills, Drama and Entertainment are fringe benefits inherit in following, “HisCall”.

P.S. Though this is a want: It would be a blessing to be able to come home a couple times a year.                                        Agape

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